5G is the future of Networking in the world, I can remember back to when 4G and 4G LTE replaced 3G and Edge networks. The change in how we used our phones became vastly different. Social media evolved from mostly text based content to mostly photo based content, streaming services erupted, and the world was never the same. Critics which I would actually consider to be conspiracy theorists, have been a massive hurdle for the rollout of 5g in America.

What is 5g?

Like its predecesors, 5G operates in the electromagnetic spectrum. You can think of the waves coming from the towers as similar to light except you cant see the light with your naked eye. 5G's spectrum includes low band and middle band capabilities. These frequencies were used in 4G networks, however they also added a new high-band spectrum which is being refered to as milimeter wavelength. US carriers plan to use frequencies ranging from 25 to 40GHz mmWave bands. This means that 5g frequencies will have the largest bandwith out of all previous network technologies. Bandwith doesn't actually refer to internet speed as some people often mistake it for, it actually refers to the range of frequencies available to a communication channel.

When you look at where these new high frequencies lie on the electromagnetic spectrum it is noticable that they are actually very near the visible light spectrum almost next to Infared's frequency. The fact that 5G is close to the visible light spectrum explains why it will be terrible at penetrating buildings and walls - light has a hard time passing through objects. Opponents to 5G claim that it is under studied and that there are extreme dangers from radiation that come from it. These conspiracy theorists want more scientific studies, but the fact simply stands that that the electromagnetic spectrum is well studied, and that there is simply nothing pointedly dangerous about 5G.

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