The Australian Prime Minister says Australia is combatting against a massive cyber-attack. It has been targeting not only the government, but public organizations in many areas from the industrial sector to those in education and health.

Who is behind this Cyber Attack?

Australia has been dealing with a massive ongoing cyber attack. This is according to the Prime Minister Scott Morrison, elected in 2018. In his statement he explained that given the information Australia's cyber experts had breifed him on, this was undoubtedly done by a sophisticated state-based actor. This is rather alarming news considering that in modern days this is essentially the only way we can wage war. Any physical escalation could lead to MADD or mutually assured destruction thanks to the invention of nuclear weapons.

When a journalist raised the question of wether or not the attacks were coming from China, and pressed him on the matter, he responded by saying:

"Well, I can only say what I've said. The Australian Government is not making any public attribution about these matters. We, though, are very confident that this is the actions of a state-based actor. We have not gone any further than that. I can't control what speculation others might engage in on this issue or frankly or any other. I've simply laid out the facts as we know them and as we've disclosed today."

The journalist pressed him further by asking if he happened to have any personal guesses or inside knowledge on which state actor it was. His response was as follows:

"...the threshold for being able to answer your question along those lines is very high. What I can confirm, with confidence based on the advice, the technical advice that we've received, is that this is the actions of a state-based actor with significant capabilities and there aren't too many state-based actors who have those capabilities."

ABC news Australia pointed out in this article, that the recent cyber attacks could be payback from China’s spy agency as Australia recently banned the telecommunications company Huawei from accessing their 5g network, although this is merely speculation.

In any event, this is a serious issue and we should pay close attention to this story as it unfolds. The Network Post will bring updates in a timely manner so be sure to check back.

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