As 2020 wraps up, several hacks were exposed including two that have serious implications for national security.

Who was hacked?

Two companies were hacked, FireEye and SolarWinds . FireEye is a cybersecurity company based in California that deveops hacking tools used to test the security of networks including those of our own government. Many of their tools were proprietary, and in the wrong hands could be used for evil. After getting hacked, FireEye let the public know about the breach and then released their tools so that other cyber security groups could shore up their networks. Next up, SolarWinds is a software/infrasturcture service provider that has many different tools and services for managing networks, databases, security, and much more. Many government agencies, think-tanks, and businesses and schools were made vulnerable to spying, having data manipulated, deleted or worse. The hack came in the form of a backdoor planted in an update SolarWinds themselves released. The hacker could have used someone with access inside SolarWinds, but much more likely, they could have just guessed the insanely simple simple password Solarwinds123 that granted access to the update servers according to Reuters.

Who hacked these US Companies?

While we do not know who hacked these two private companies utilized heavily by the Governmental organizations within the United States, there are two main suspects. According to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the attack was 'clearly' Russia. Although President Donald Trump claimed china was behind the attack in a series of Tweets.

China Cyberwar

If your business uses services from either of these companies you should check for a breach immediately and patch software as soon as possible.

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